Me //

Hey there, I'm Lauren. Stylist, blogger, and mama to Margaux Moon. This lifestyle blog is dedicated to documenting our days, sharing my journey through motherhood, and all the happy little nonsense that falls in between as we chase down the simple life.

I'm all about long wandering road trips, thrift store exploring, late night bike rides, and dinner parties that devolve into impromptu dance parties. I spend an embarrassing amount of time drinking way too much coffee and obsessively rearranging the furniture in my apartment.

The blog //

I began FOXTAIL + MOSS in 2013 with my darling and dear friend and partner in crime, Claire. Drawn to everything pared-down, laid-back, and a little bohemian, we started getting creative with wine-fueled craft nights that eventually evolved into this lifestyle blog. It was our goal to create a space for inspiration, community, and collaboration; an internet destination for the design and DIY inclined. Here you’ll find style and design posts with a focus on mindful living, recipes for the seasonal table, features on local artists and small makers.

FOXTAIL + MOSS Studio //

FOXTAIL + MOSS designs and hosts gatherings, workshops, pop-ups, and events that focus on bringing together a creative community and supporting local and small makers and entrepreneurs. I love to collaborate! If you're interested in learning about ways we can work together, visit my CONTACT page.

*FOXTAIL + MOSS is a for profit blog. Occasionally we will include contextual affiliate links. We only feature products and services that we feel our readers will enjoy and that fit within my own lifestyles. All opinions are 100% my own.