Wednesday, April 22

Earth Day

Today is our favorite day in April - Earth Day! Go for a walk around your neighborhood, plant some flowers, or volunteer on this special day. Help mother nature out a bit and be conscience of the choices you make that effect not only you, but the world. Here are a few things we do to take care of this lovely planet we call home.

Eat locally grown seasonal food when possible. Shop farmers markets, fruit stands, and visit local food co ops. Although only some towns have indoor markets during the cooler seasons, most do have markets in the warmer months. Find out where they are in your city, enjoy fresh food and support local businesses.

Lower your carbon footprint. Put down your car keys, grab a helmet, and bike to your destination. Not only is it great exercise but it takes the stress and annoyance of rush hour traffic out of your commute. Public transit is another great option.

Turn off lights when you walk out of a room. Although we admit we aren't the best at this, we're trying! Save electricity (and money in your pocket) by getting in the habit of turning off lights every time you leave a room.

Remember to recycle your electronics. Don't let them pile up in your junk drawer or throw them in the trash where they don't belong - recycle! Contact your city or go online to find your nearest electronic recycling center.

Use Reusable shopping bags at the grocery store. Ditch those pesty plastic bags! Always try to keep a tote bag or two on hand (find one you can fold up real small and leave it at the bottom of that big leather tote you're always carrying around). There are so many different sizes, colors, and cute designs - we must own 10 each!

Do you have plans this Earth Day? What are your tips for helping out mother nature?

Monday, April 20

Blog Days // In the Studio

Rain rain go away! We've been spending some good old quality time in the studio our last couple of work days because mother nature has decided to keep things pretty wet around here. Our days have consisted of planning our summer workshop schedule (check back here soon for some exciting announcements!), brainstorming new projects, meeting with some seriously talented folks to talk collaborations, and of course just hanging out and having a bit of fun in-between. Life's been pretty busy but also amazing around here and we're super thrilled to share it all with you! What are you looking forward to this summer? A road trip adventure? Moving to a new city? Starting a new creative path? Do share!

Poster by Emily McDowell // Claire's necklace + Lauren's headband c/o Salvage & Stone

Friday, April 17

Make // Leather Air Plant Swing

I've been a lover of air plants for awhile now and have slowly been collecting a few over the past year. They have just been sitting on my windowsill and I haven't really found a proper spot for them in my home. So when I found a few slender wall spaces that were in need of a little something visually, I decided: hey, maybe an air plant should go there! 

This leather air plant swing was the perfect solution to my narrow blank wall problem. It adds color and the vertical layout of the hanging swing fit perfectly in the space. They hit all the DIY points I like: simple, easy, affordable, and super cute. I'm definitely going to make a couple more for myself and a few friends.

Leather Air Plant Swing
Leather strip
Air plant
Hemp twine
Wood beads
X-Acto knife

Step One // Cut your leather strip to size. Note: when you stiffen the leather it will shrink a bit, so cut the piece a bit larger. 
Step Two // Poke holes on either side of the leather. Make sure the holes are large enough to thread the hemp through.
Step Three // Using an X-Acto knife, cut out a square in the center of your leather strip. This is where the air plant will sit. Depending on the width of your leather, this size will vary. My hole is about 0.5 x 0.5.
Step Four // Wax stiffen your leather. There are many tutorials and video you can find on the web. I followed this video. For this step, you will need a pot, few white candles to melt down, and a bowl. Create the curve in the leather by dipping the strip in the wax and then placing it in a bowl to cool and form. Note: Before you stiffen your leather strip, take the leather and place it in a couple different size bowls. Use the bowl that creates the curve you like best.
Step Five // Measure and cut your hemp twine to an appropriate length. Thread on a few wood beads to add a little extra flare!
Step Six // Pull the hemp through the holes on either end of the leather and secure with a knot.
Step Seven // Secure your air plant in the center hole, hang, and there you have it! 


Check out other creative and cute ways to style air plants here and here. And don't forget to share your Foxtail + Moss inspired DIYs with us by tagging #foxtailmakes!

Wednesday, April 15

We're loving...Fig+Yarrow Atmosphere Mist

We've recently become completely smitten with Fig+Yarrow.  This small batch organic health/beauty line originating in Denver, Colorado is creating amazing products with earth elements like roots, leaves, flowers, minerals, and oils. Our favorite from F+Y is the atmosphere mist.  We spray it on EVERYTHING.  Pillows, curtains, linens, our couches, beds, rugs, and even just in the air.  You name it, we're spraying it! The current scent we're diggin' is Rosewater + Vetiver. It's just so fresh and Spring-y smelling!

Unfortunately the room spray is currently out of stock online, but visit Fig+Yarrow's Stockists list to see what stores near you carry the line. We snagged a few bottles at our favorite local home shop, Gather Home + Lifestyle. What scents are you filling your home with this Spring?

*This is not a sponsored post. We just genuinely love this product! 

Monday, April 13

BEFORE // Lauren's Bedroom Makeover

Hey guys! We're starting off this Monday with a little peek at my bedroom. I was super inspired by Claire's oh-so-lovely living room make over and decided that my boudoir was in needed of a bit of freshening up. It's the room where we spend the bulk of our time but somehow it was neglected when it came to designing and decorating the rest of our apartment. Most of the elements in the room are an after thought and I'm ready for the room to feel a bit more intentional and "grown up".

I love that our bedroom gets ton of natural sunlight but it's a pretty tiny space, only about 8 feet by 10 feet or so. There's barely enough room to fit our bed and dresser in there comfortably but I like to think of it as cozy. ;)  I've tried rearranging the room about a million different times but it's current layout seems to work best. I'm happy with the furniture we currently have, it's functional and pretty enough. So I'm looking to update the room by refreshing the paint, updating the bedding, organizing, decluttering, and rethinking the overall vibe of the room.

What do you think? Should I bring in more color? Ditch the vintage school map hanging above our bed? Play with textures in textiles? It was so fun to read your suggestions and tips for Claire's living room make over, so lay them on me! I can't wait to get started redecorating and share the final reveal with you later this month!