Tuesday, May 24

Desert Dreaming

I'm hopping a plane to Caifornia next week for some much needed R&R. While I've been to the Bay Area a few times before, this will be my first time in Southern California. We're spending a couple of days in LA visiting with friends before we road trip out to Palm Springs + Joshua Tree to do nothing but relax and soak up our surroundings. OMG, am I so excited!! I've never been to desert before (unless you count Las Vegas and I certainly don't) and I'm anticipating it to be such an incredibly inspiring experience. Living in the midwest, I too often take for granted all the mind blowing terrain in this country that lives just a short plane ride away.

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So here's the part where you give me all your recommendations for everything cool to see, do, shop, eat, and drink in and around Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree. Let's hear it! See you next week when I get back.

Xx. Lauren

Thursday, May 12

Know Your Birthstone // May - Emerald

May babies, it's your month! Emerald, the birthstone of May, is the rarest of the gemstones and is said to be a symbol of rebirth and love. Emeralds radiate a beautiful vivid tone in rich greens (the color of Spring!) and is thought to contain the goodness of life.


Color: wide range of natural shades of green with tones that can vary from blue to yellow
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Powers: fertility, honesty, harmony, growth, patience

Mind //

Improves faith and intuition
Grants foresight and bestow the ability to see the future
Grants good fortune and youth
Increased peace of mind and power of reasoning

Body //

Improves analytical power, memory and intellectual prowess
Regulates blood circulation
Improves the immune system
Lifts depression and restore mental and emotional equilibrium

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Sunday, May 8

Happy Mama's Day!

Hope you all get to spend the day surrounded by the strong, supportive, nurturing, and inspiring women in your life. And to all you mamas, mamas to be, step mamas, and grandmamas...Happy Mothers Day!

from top: Natalie Wood / Jane Birkin / Liz Taylor / Mama Cass / Nina Simone / Cher / Grace Slick / Priscilla Presley / Diana Ross / Linda McCartney