Tuesday, June 28

Know Your Birthstone // June - Alexandrite

June is on it's way out but it's not too late to celebrate all you Gemini and Cancer babes! If you were born in June, Alexandrite is your birthstone. This truly rare mineral is said to bring good luck and posses regenerative powers, enhancing the rebirth of both the inner and outer self, while producing qualities of expansiveness, creativity, and awareness in the realm of manifestation. Learn more about your birthstone below!


Color: bluish-green or emerald-green. Can look red, crimson, purple-red and violet-red in low light.
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Powers: talisman of luck, prosperity, and longevity

Mind //

Establishes harmony between the physical, astral and mental body, making its wearer more peaceful and calm
Strengthens creative abilities and fosters imagination
Boosts intuitive abilities
Reinforces self-esteem and abolishes feelings of unworthiness

Body //

Improves blood circulation, purifies the blood, and strengthens blood vessels
Positively influences the spleen and pancreas
Reduces inflammation
Helps to alleviate motion-sickness

Download your free desktop wallpaper here.

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Tuesday, June 14

Collage Crush // Mariano Peccinetti

I'm such a visually stimulated person, so discovering new artists is always a major source of inspiration for me. Recently, I stumbled across visual artist and musician Mariano Peccinetti on Instagram. His super psychedelic and whimsical collages are just so much fun to look at. I'm obsessed!

What do you think? What artists are inspiring you the most right now? You can check out some of Peccinetti's prints for sale on Society6. I kind of have my eye on this pouch and this beach towel!

Wednesday, June 8

Update with Claire

I'm sure you've noticed that it's been a little quite around here for the past couple of months. Life has thrown us a few curve balls this year and we've been trying to take them in stride. Personally, I've been dealing with an overwhelming work schedule and a few minor unresolved health issues so recently, my focus has been on restructuring aspects of my life to better both my mental and physical health. This was a hard decision for me to make, but I have decided to step away from Foxtail + Moss for the time being. I have enjoyed so many aspects of blogging - from creating new projects and learning new skills to meeting and forming relationships with amazing people that I've met along the way. It's been a blast working side by side with Lauren and experiencing this journal together. I will miss it so!

I hope to be back blogging at some point in the future, but for right now I'm taking some time to refocus and rejuvenate my soul and spirit. Foxtail + Moss will remain strong with Lauren at the helm. Stay tuned for some exciting summer projects and upcoming workshops. I know I will!


A quick note from Lauren //

It absolutely breaks my heart to officially say see you later to my blogging partner in crime! It's been such an amazing creative journey building this little blog with Claire and I'm going to miss like crazy all the laughs and doses of inspiration that we shared working together. I hope you'll join me in wishing Claire all the best and more as she embarks on this new (and calmer) season of her life. It's a bittersweet goodbye, but I'm so inspired by and proud of her for focusing on self-happiness and I can't wait to see what that brings about for her. Love you, CJ!