Thursday, July 21

Snapshots // Palm Springs Travel Guide

Waaaaay back in May (doesn't that seem like forever ago!?), I took a trip out to Southern California. It seemed like the perfect time and locale for Matt and I to get away for a little babymoon. We spent most of our time in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree and squeezed in just a little over 24 hours in LA (I'm dying to go back and exploring that city more!) You guys, it was such a great vacation! Over the next couple of weeks, I want to share some snapshots of our trip and a few of my favorite spots we visited. First up is Palm Springs.

If you come to Palm Springs and you don't stay at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, you're doing it all wrong. To be honest, we rarely left the hotel compound. With two pools, an amazing diner, a cozy little cave of a bar/lounge, a dreamy spa, and the most Instagram-worthy grounds to wander, there's really no reason to. Plus there's fun stuff, like bingo night, karaoke, and live music going on almost every night of the week. We sprung for a room with a patio and outdoor fireplace- a touch more pricey but such a great place to sip coffee in the mornings or hang out in the evenings and make s'mores and enjoy a cocktail  (mocktail in my case!) or two. I seriously see us visiting the Ace year after year. Plus there's a really family friendly vibe- so I can't wait to take Moon Pie with us next time!

Definitely spend a morning exploring the grounds at The Parker and drooling over the vibes in the lobby (and brunch at Norma's is a must!)

I died and went to cactus heaven at the Moorten Botanical Garden.

Salvation Mountain is about an hour and a half south of Palm Springs and is literally in the middle of nowhere. But I promise, it's so worth the trek out there!

Other cool things to do in Palm Springs //

An obligatory photo in front of #thatpinkdoor is a requirement. (psst! here's the address: 1100 Sierra Way)

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is on my to do list for our next trip out there (if I can manage to swallow my extreme fear of heights)! I can only imagine what the views must be like!

Cruise Palm Canyon Drive. The main drag in town is chock full of shopping, restaurants, and cafes.

Grab tacos at El Jefe at The Saguaro and for sure check out that rainbow pool!

Check out this guide and this guide for more ways to eat, drink, and shop your way through Palm Springs!

Wednesday, July 6


Let me start by saying that I absolutely hate secrets. Maybe it's my type A personality, but I can't stand when surprises are kept from me, and it's literally torture for me to hold in classified information. But man, oh man, have I been sitting on a big ol juicy (super adorable) secret for months now. I'm having a baby, you guys! Phew, it feels SO good to spill the beans!

Meet our little one, who we've affectionately nicknamed Moon Pie. I'm 6 months along now, due October 14th, and Matt and I are beside-ourselves-excited! Moon Pie is a way active little baby (punching and kicking like crazy!), loves listening to Neil Young, and doing yoga. And I'm a happy and healthy mama-to-be, with a constant craving for spinach and egg salad and berries.

Thanks for sharing in our happiness! I can't wait to share more with you as we get our lives and our home ready for this little bundle of joy! (And in case you're wondering, our t-shirts came from here.)

Xx. Lauren

Tuesday, June 28

Know Your Birthstone // June - Alexandrite

June is on it's way out but it's not too late to celebrate all you Gemini and Cancer babes! If you were born in June, Alexandrite is your birthstone. This truly rare mineral is said to bring good luck and posses regenerative powers, enhancing the rebirth of both the inner and outer self, while producing qualities of expansiveness, creativity, and awareness in the realm of manifestation. Learn more about your birthstone below!


Color: bluish-green or emerald-green. Can look red, crimson, purple-red and violet-red in low light.
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Powers: talisman of luck, prosperity, and longevity

Mind //

Establishes harmony between the physical, astral and mental body, making its wearer more peaceful and calm
Strengthens creative abilities and fosters imagination
Boosts intuitive abilities
Reinforces self-esteem and abolishes feelings of unworthiness

Body //

Improves blood circulation, purifies the blood, and strengthens blood vessels
Positively influences the spleen and pancreas
Reduces inflammation
Helps to alleviate motion-sickness

Download your free desktop wallpaper here.

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