Friday, February 27

LIFE/STYLE: The Whole 30

March 20 is the Spring Equinox (first day of spring) and oh boy are we ready for a change of season! Think we're counting the days till warmer weather? Maybe....In the cold winter months we tend to hibernate at home a bit more than usual. With that comes not a lot of exercise and heavy homemade winter meals. Hearty homemade soups, loads of lasagna, warm daily lattes, and ordering delivery from our favorite restaurants have us ready to put down the carbs and sugars and pick up more fresh fruits and veggies.

We wanted to look for a nutrition plan to follow and have a bit of a detox for the month of March. The Whole 30 instantly caught our attention. Think of it as a nutritional reset not a diet. This 30 day program helps restore a healthy metabolism, balances your immune system, (hopefully) ends those unhealthy cravings, heals your digestive tract, and lets your body recover from the negative effects of the not so healthy food choices you make - we're going to have a hard time putting down the cheetos and wine. Our big goal is to get rid of the processed food, sugars, carbs and eat more homemade organic protein rich meals.

March is the perfect transitional month for us to try The Whole 30. Feeling the need for a little detox too? Join in with us!

We'll have a recap in a month and let you know how we did and our thoughts on the program.
Have you tried The Whole 30 or any other nutrition plan? Have a favorite? We'd love to hear what worked for you and what didn't.

Thursday, February 26

Hair Tutorial // Hollywood Waves


Today we're featuring our very first hair tutorial on Foxtail + Moss and I'm super excited about it, you guys! I've been in the beauty industry for 12 years now so it's kind of a dream come true to marry my love of styling with this blog that I love so much. I've enlisted hair guru Rachel Archbold to help me create some simple styles that you can easily copy at home. Rachel and I chop and color locks side by side at Mane salon in the West Loop and are working on a super cool top secret bridal and event styling side project we plan to launch early spring. Basically, she's my hair soul mate!

Did you guys watch the Oscars this past Sunday? I mean, duh, of course you did! Our favorite part of any award show is scoping out the hair and makeup. We loved that celebrities we're going for an understated and undone look this year (heart eyes for Dakota Johnson's pony tail and Rosamund Pike's swept back updo). And while Kiera Knightley's headband was cute, Emma Stone channeled some serious old Hollywood glamour and just blew everyone out of the water. That dress! But most importantly, those waves! Below we'll show you how to re-create her look in 8 easy unfussy steps.

Tools //
1 to 1.5 Inch Barrel Curling Wand (while we're all about the wand, you can make do with your regular curling iron by wrapping your hair around the iron and ignoring the clamp!)
Bobby Pins
Pin Curl Clips
Workable Styling or Hair Spray (there's nothing better than the Session.Spray by Kevin.Murphy)
Boar Bristle Brush (we're in love with the Smoothing.Brush by Kevin.Murphy)


One // Make a deep side part in your hair. Sweep the side with less volume back behind your ear and secure with bobby pins.

Two // On the opposite side of your head, split your hair in to two sections, using your ear as a dividing line. You can run a flat iron through the back section if you wish, but we like the undone look of working with our natural texture. Clip the back section out of the way. From here on out, you'll only be working with the section of hair in front of your ear.

Three // Divide your hair in to four horizontal sections. Working from bottom to top, wrap each section around your curling wand and hold for a few seconds. It's important to hold the wand horizontally and wrap each section in the same direction.

Four // Slid the wand out leaving the rolled curl in your hand. Pinch the curl together and secure at scalp with a clip. You just made a pin curl!

Five // After pin curling all four sections, spray with a generous amount of workable styling spray and allow your hair to set.

Six + Seven // Once the curls are completely cool, take out the clips. Your curls are going to have a lot of bounce! Use a boar bristle brush to comb out and smooth the curls in to waves. You may have to run the brush through a few times to get the level of wave you're looking for but don't be afraid of brushing your curls out completely! Pin curls lock that curl pattern in to your hair.

Eight // Back comb the very front section of your hair for a little extra volume and va va voom!


An extra special thanks to Rachel for dreaming up this look! This style took us about twenty minutes to perfect. We think it's just the perfect amount of romantic and sexy! Would you try this look for your next date night or big event? Want to see more hair tutorials on Foxtail + Moss? Let us know in the comments below!


Monday, February 23

Forever Free Desktop Wallpaper


Happy Monday! Remember our Forever Free downloadable posters? Well we've become quit fond of the phrase and decided to kick off the cold week with a fun free desktop wallpaper for your computer. Do you ever create original designs for your desktop? Ever since Rachel Duggan of RADillustrates designed her adorable dog and cat desktop wallpaper for us, we've dabbled in creating artwork to make our desktop a bit more personal. Here's one of our favorite first designs that we're sharing with you!


Download our FOREVER FREE desktop wallpaper here. We've got the winter "blues" this season and the color seems to be popping up everywhere in our design palette. What colors have caught your eye this year?

Throw the wallpaper up on your computer and share it with us by tagging your photos #foxtailandmoss

Friday, February 20

LIFE/STYLE: Ladies Who Brunch

This past weekend we gathered together for a ladies only family style brunch at a lovely little spot called The Winchester in the Ukrainian Village. Our darling Instagram-aquaintance-turned-real-life-friend, Daina, organized the whole shindig as a belated Galentine's Day celebration, but also as an ongoing attempt to bring together groups of women every month to share a meal, share their stories, inspire one another, and make new friends. We spent the afternoon trading Galentine's Day cards and chatting about everything from tarot card readings to weird celebrity run ins to our cats. The food was amazing but the company was even better and it reminded us how important it is to make room for more just "girl time" to connect, inspire, relate, and encourage with the women in our lives.

Photo credits top left to bottom right / @linacaro / / @ninagraceless@awomaninscience /   @agentlewoman Also check out these inspiring ladies / @eva_agnes @saraspoons  @mandelcandle

Speaking of girl power, has anyone checked out this documentary yet? The trailer alone made us bawl like babies!
Are you a part of the #20beautifulwomen movement? Snap a selfie, share it, tag twenty women you think are truly beautiful, and encourage them to do the same. We think it's such a sweet way to remind the women you love the most just how amazing they are.
Give the ladies in your life a little extra love and encouragement this weekend and remind them that we're all in this together!

Wednesday, February 18

Astrology Stitch Greeting Card: Aquarius

We're mixing it up a bit this month and instead of making an Astrology Stitch Poster for the Aquarius sign, we made a fun greeting card. Send them to a fellow Aquarius or just show off your zodiac sign pride. This fun project is a great excuse to send a friend or loved one a personal card. Make someone feel a little extra special with some snail mail!

January 20 - February 19
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Uranus. Uranus is the planet of change, disruption, the unconventional, and the unexpected.
Written Symbol: The Water Bearer
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Numbers: 1 and 17
Birthstone: Amethyst, brings faithfulness in love and bestows the gift of prescience.
Color: Blue

"Your character is a system of paradoxes. You enjoy being with people but are content to be alone. You like to travel but love relaxing at home. You are friendly and outgoing but also detached and reserved. You have both a scientific and an artists turn of mind."
"You refuse to compromise or give an inch. You're a strange mix of an avant-garde thinker whose opinions are written in stone, You cheerfully ignore what others think and strike off on new paths, unbound by precedents, because there are so many more exciting things for you to discover that way. You think boredom is a communicable disease and take every opportunity to avoid it.
- From The One Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woodfolk

Astrology Stitch Greeting Card
PRINT // First, download this (free!) Aquarius greeting card. Print on heavy card stock to prevent bending or creasing.
CUT // Cut out the card, keeping the front and back connected (back cover is on left side, front cover is on right side)
STITCH // Use embroidery thread to backstitch along the dashed line between the stars (making sure to go under the stars with your thread). It's that simple!
FOLD // Fold your card in half. (Optional) To cover up stitching - using card stock, cut out a blank sheet that is the same size as your card and glue it to the inside.
WRITE & SEND // Write to a friend and send your card off in the mail.

Check out our other free downloadable Astrology Posters here. Share your astrology stitch cards with us by tagging your photos #foxtailmakes.