Tuesday, December 19

A Nursery for Margaux

It's hard to believe that we moved to Michigan almost two months ago! The days have been busy with settling in, adjusting to our new surroundings, and exploring this cute little town. Our housing situation is pretty temporary as we figure out our next step (to rent or to buy, that is the question!) but we're doing our best to make things feel cozy and like home.

I knew that the first room I wanted to tackle was Margaux's nursery. She's 14 months now, that age where she's definitely not a baby anymore but also not a full blown toddler either. I wanted her room to inspire creative play and foster independence while still channeling calm and peaceful vibes. I took a lot of cues from the typical Montessori-style room and sprinkled in our own sweet bohemian style.

Margaux loves loves books! She likes being read to but she's also exploring sitting quietly by herself, flipping through pages, and "reading" to her dolls. I created a cozy nook that is devoted solely to story time. The shelves are just the right height for her to choose the book she wants to read and having a chair of her own to rock in definitely makes her feel like a big kid (this vintage rocking chair sat in my nursery long long ago!)

This cubby shelf makes organizing toys so simple. Staying in line with Montessori philosophy, we only keep a few toys out for Margaux to play with at any given time and everything is within her reach. Extra toys are stored in baskets and we switch out and rotate play things every couple days. This has worked really great for us. Margaux never gets bored or over stimulated and my minimalist heart loves that there's not toy clutter everywhere!

The 'Live Wild, Flower Child' window painting is from our baby shower. I love that it hangs in her room now. I think about the sweetest memories whenever I look at it!

Hands down, my favorite piece in the room is this woven rug from Armadillo & Co (you can find the exact rug here)! It's made of the softest jute so not only is it way comfy to sit and play on, but it's extra sturdy and durable. The perfect combo for a kiddo room. It also happens to be, like, the most beautiful rug I've ever laid eyes on, don't you agree!?

The nursery is forever a work in progress as Margaux grows and her needs change but for now we really love spending time in this room. Now if we could just convince her to sleep in her crib through the night! What do y'all think? Have questions about sources or about Montessori style toddler rooms? Leave me a comment below!


  1. Where is the rocking chair from?

    I'm in love with it!

    1. The rocking chair was a pretty epic find on Craigslist!

  2. love this! have you posted elsewhere on your montessori/minimalist philosophy? i'm so on board and would love to hear more!

  3. Hey C.J. I haven't really posted much about Montessori philosophy as we're still kind of learning the ropes. But that sounds like a fun blog post to put together as we figure out what's working for us! And feel free to message me with any direct questions!