Monday, December 30

MAKE: New Year's Eve Party Poppers

We are all about celebrating New Year's Eve the right way.  Sequins and sparkly outfits, champagne toasts, noisemakers, and of course, tons of glitter and confetti.  This simple party popper DIY will usher out 2013 adorably and ring in 2014 with a bang.  Or more appropriately a "pop"!

We are obsessed with these party poppers made from push pop containers.  They are beyond easy to put together and there are about a million different ways to customize them.  Play around with colors, patterns, labels, and types of confetti.  Here's a quick run down on how we made ours...
*We ordered push pop containers here but a craft store in your area might carry them.*

Step 1 // Decorate the outside of the containers.  Get creative with paints and markers.  Go crazy with washi tape.  Cut out labels and glue or tape them to the container to add a personal message.  The sky is the limit!  We decided to spray paint the handles gold for an extra "fancy" look!

Step 2 // Fill the push pop container with confetti (our confetti is homemade from scarps of paper we had lying around and left over Christmas tree tinsel) and put the lid on tight.

Step 3 // Pop at midnight.  Kiss someone special.

Step 4 // Party.

Whether you're planning a big night out or welcoming the new year cuddled up at home on your couch, we hope that you have a wonderful one!


  1. I'm looking at making these for my wedding. Did they actually work? OR did they barely pop out? Thanks!

    1. Hey Taylor, These actually made a pretty big pop (and, fair warning, a pretty big mess as well)! We recommend making a test popper to ensure you're getting the bang you're looking for. Love the idea of using them for your wedding. Every wedding could use more confetti, in our opinion! Congratulations!