Friday, January 31

MAKE: A New Take on the Gallery Wall

Claire and I love displaying photographs and art in our homes. We adore a good gallery wall as much as the next guy ( this one and this one). But lately both of our interior design aesthetics have been leaning towards the very very simple. 
Claire has been on the lookout for a few pieces of art to hang above her bed, but she wanted something that felt personal and truly unique. We came up with this oh so easy alternative to your typical collection of framed prints and posters. We love that the possibilities are endless with this effortless way to display art work, mementos, collections, or photographs. And the look is so clean and just plain not fussy. 

We hung old family photographs and postcards on twine with plain clothes pins. We really liked the natural look of it. But there is so much potential for versatility here. Get creative! Paint the clothes pins a bright color.  Or cover them in glitter, fabric, or pretty paper. Instead of twine, try colorful yarn, string, or bakers twine. Bring in a little nature and hang flowers, twigs and leaves, or feathers.
Claire is super happy with the way the display looks hanging above her bed!  And is excited to change out photographs and keep sakes in the coming seasons.  And I'm thrilled that I finally found a practical and creative way to prominently display the vintage postcards friends and family signed instead of a guestbook at my wedding!  How you would personalize this super easy little project?  What would you hang? We'd love to hear your ideas! 



  1. i LOVE this! i think this might be the perfect thing for an awkward space i can't figure out how to fill above my bed!

    1. Thanks Meg. Definitely do try it out and let us know how it looks!