Monday, March 24

HOMEMADE: Dry Shampoo

I am that girl you see who is always playing with her hair.  Twirling it around my fingers, constantly putting it up and down, and always fixing my bangs; the oils from my hands can sometimes leave my hair feeling a bit greasy.  I usually buy dry shampoo, but that can be expensive.  Baby powder works although it leaves me smelling...well like a baby!  Not completely satisfied with either of these options, I talked to Lauren (my go-to when it comes to everything hair related) about different options.  When she suggested we make our own, I was thrilled.

With two ingredients from your pantry and any essential oil you have laying around the house, making this homemade dry shampoo is extremely easy and it works perfectly.  Find out what's needed to make it below.

Dry Shampoo:  Equal parts corn starch and baking soda  |  Few drops of essential oil (any fragrance)
*For a dark dry shampoo, add cocoa powder

One way to apply your homemade dry shampoo is to use a make up brush.  This application method is a great way to apply the powder to the direct area your desire.  Simply dip the brush in powder and apply to your roots.  Use your hands or a brush to work in the powder and blend it into your hair.

Another way to apply dry shampoo is to use a herb shaker.  This approach works well as a more general/all over way to apply the powder.  Take the shaker and shake it close to your roots all over your head.  Just as directed above, use your hands to work in the powder and blend in into your hair.

Let us know what you think of the dry shampoo and how well it works for you.

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  1. I made the dark hair version and LOVE it. Even have a shaker jar like yours :) BTW, I added Rosemary Oil which makes it extra refreshing--plus it's supposed to be good for hair growth so what the heck!

  2. So good to know about the Rosemary Oil!

  3. i've seen this before and always think about it but dont since i only wash my hair 1-2 times a week and it doesnt get very greasy. i think i need to make this for my mom though, she's always saying she finally found dry shampoo at the store.