Monday, March 31

MAKE: Tipsy Succulent Planters

Last week I set out for the hardware store with the intention of picking up a new measuring tape and a few other odds and ends. Fast forward to half an hour later when I'm aimlessly wandering the aisles daydreaming about future home improvement projects with six succulents and two cacti in my basket and nary a measuring tape in sight. Some ladies can't be trusted with a Barney's credit card.  My weakness is Home Depot. Anyway, so back to my basket full of greenery. For what ever reason I'm standing in the plumbing aisle wondering, What am I going to plant all of these in!? when I happen to glance up and notice a box full of rounded PVC pipe caps. Seriously, you guys, genius struck! OK, so maybe not genius.  But a pretty darn good idea!  

I love that these planters wobble and roll and tilt on my coffee table but never actually dump over. They are so totally unique and just about the easiest project I've ever set out to accomplish (I know I say that every time, but I really mean it)! I can't wait to make a ton and use them for center pieces on a spring themed table at my next dinner party. And coming in at just under five dollars a piece means I can pot succulents until my heart is content! 

2" and 3" Rounded PVC pipe caps
Spray Paint (we chose metallic gold and copper)
Planting pebbles

Spray paint each PVC pipe cap with three or four light coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry fully before applying the next. Fill the bottom of the pipe caps with pebbles and top with soil. Then pot your plants in to the pipe caps. Consider how "top heavy" each succulent is before planting them in a pipe cap. You want the planters to be tipsy but not fall over!

Optional: Succulents are desert plants meaning they thrive in drier soil. But of course they still need to be watered well in order to survive.  Lining the bottom of your planter with pebbles (we especially like the absorbency of these) should prevent too much moisture from collecting around the plant's roots. If you're still worried about root rot, drill one or two tiny holes in the bottom of each pipe cap to allow for drainage.


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  1. oh my cats could definitely make sure they did more than just wobble over haha but i LOVE this idea. so so cute! i need to get some succulents, esp being in the desert, but the cats always stop me since they play with/eat all plants.