Wednesday, March 12

MAKE: Yarn Wall Hanging

We love that 1970s style wall hangings are having a moment right now.  The resurgence of yarn and macrame art is totally in line with our design aesthetic and we've been dying to adorn our walls with interesting textiles, organic fibers, and lots of texture.

You may remember that one of Claire's intentions for this year is to learn how to make a woven wall hanging.  Not feeling super confident in her weaving techniques yet, we banned together to brainstorm an easier way to copy the macrame look.  Below is our step by step process on how to make this simple and adorable wall hanging.  We love the way this turned out and are super excited to make more!

Supplies //
A dowel or stick from which to hang the yarn (about one foot long)
A pom pom maker (optional)

Step One // Cut a piece of string (length appropriate) and tie it to each side of the stick.  Put a nail into your wall and hang.  It will be easiest to tie the yarn to the stick once its already hanging.

Step Two // Plan what you'd like your wall hanging to look like.  Play around with yarn length, color, texture, and thickness.  We used about a skein each of two different tones of white double knit yarn. 

Step Three // Cut the yarn into (approximately) yard long pieces.  This may seem excessively long but you'll trim the extra length once the hanging is complete.  

Step Four // Tie the yarn to the stick using a larks head knot.  For a fuller look, layer knots, one on top of the other.  Continue this step until your wall hanging has reached your desired thickness or looks "finished" to you.  We added extra texture by knotting some braided yarn into the mix.

Step Five // Trim the excess length of yarn (if desired).  We chose to cut the bottom of ours into a V shape.

Step Six // (optional) Create a bundle of pom-poms and tie them to your wall hanging.  We hung our pom-poms in a V.  It created a symmetrical look that we were really happy with! 

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  1. I love this! Super fabulous job! I'm also loving the resurgence of 70s wall hangings. How or where did you get started with weaving? I was looking around online for places that teach weaving and there's a place way west on Irving Park. Just curious if you know of other places.

    Fantastic blog!! :)

    1. Thanks so much! We've had a ton of fun teaching ourselves a few macrame knots and playing around with a homemade loom but we're definitely weaving novices. Taking a class locally would be awesome! We'd love to hear about any experiences you've had. And we'll definitely share if we have find any classes we love. xo!

    2. I took a one day basket weaving class here: I'd love to take an actual weaving class, but it's a hike for me to get that far west. But the woman that runs the school was really great and super nice. Highly recommend checking it out. I should talk to my friend who's a teacher at Lillstreet's Textile Department and ask if they'd consider offering a weaving class. I LOVE Lillstreet!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful. I love the tiny braids and the poms!

    1. So glad that you like it! This was such an surprisingly easy project to put together. We'd love to see photos if you make one of your own!