Wednesday, April 30

STYLE: Friends date in the park

The weather is starting to warm up and it's putting huge smiles on both our faces.  We're trying to spend as much time as possible outside, soaking up all that natural vitamin D the sun has to offer.  We meet in our favorite park one afternoon, coffee in hand, to have a lovely little friend date.  Local parks are some of our favorite places to relax and just enjoy the day.

Last week, we shared with you our evening at California Nights.  We both purchased tops from Meadowlark (one of our new favorite local vintage shop) and are wearing them above.

Don't have any plans today?  Grab a blanket, a beverage, and a good friend.  Enjoy the parks in your neighborhood as much as possible this season and share with us some of your favorite Spring time outdoor activities.


  1. aww, cuties! love your new tops. you two are sporting so much Mexican pride in these photos;). today... i am working, but the windows are open and as always, it's beautiful weather in GDL!

  2. We need to drag our Mexican blanket and peasant top down to Guadalajara and hang out with you in all that beautiful weather! Xx.