Wednesday, May 21

LIFE / STYLE: Backyard Record Listening Party of Two

We don't want to jinx ourselves, but it's been feeling an awful lot like summer around here lately. So on a particularly lovely day earlier this week, Claire and I shirked our indoor responsibilities (ahem, work) and took to the outdoors to lounge around and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. On a whim, we grabbed a couple blankets, a few pillows, a stack of vinyl, and my portable Crosley turntable and had ourselves a little backyard record listening party.   

I've had this turntable for years, and while I've lugged it all around my house, this was its first adventure outdoors. I'm obsessed! There's just something extra magical about listening to records in the open air. Claire and I decided that where ever we go this summer, if there's green grass (and an outlet) we're bringing this guy with! 

Sidenote: I also subjected Claire to some pretty terrible ukelele strumming. I didn't pick the poor thing up a single time this winter and I'm finding the old "if you don't use it..." adage to be true in this case. If any of you play, recommendations on books or online lessons are super welcome! I'm definitely trying to channel my inner Tiny Tim this summer.

What are your favorite indoor activities to take to the outdoors when the weather gets warmer? 


*Find the Crosley Traveler turntable here.

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  1. Reading is the best thing to do outside during the summer! I love these pretty :)