Tuesday, June 24

What's in your vacation bag, Claire?

We're here at FOXTAIL + MOSS are in serious vacation mode this month. I just came back from Louisville and Lauren is currently in Nashville (check out our trip photos on Instagram). When traveling, I usually tend carry around a slightly larger bag with a couple essential travel items. Here is what you will find in my vacation bag.

Scout Panama Hat: Earlier this month, I decided that I was going to wear more hats. I got the Panama hat right before my husband and I went to Louisville and haven't taken it off yet!  //  Mexican Falsa Blanket: I always try and bring a small blanket with me (depending on my purse/bag size). You never know when you'll find the perfect patch of glass to throw down a blanket and have an impromptu picnic.  //  Sugar Paper Planner and National Geographic Magazine: I never leave home without my planner/notebook and some light reading. Nat Geo is my all time favorite magazine! Check out their Tours of a Lifetime and plan a getaway.  //  Spring Step Jan Wedge Sandals: I love these wedge sandals because not only are they super cute but they are also extremely comfortable. Comfort is definitely key when your walking around exploring a new city.  //  FujiFilm Polaroid Camera: My polaroid camera is something I always carry on vacation. It's a great was to have instant prints of all the perfect memories you're creating.  //  Baggu Backpack:  A backpack is a great alternative to a large purse. Instead of carrying all the weight on one side, it's distributed evenly and won't cause shoulder pain.

What's in yours? Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and do some exploring!



  1. I love your hat! Totally perfect. I'm off to Minnesota next week and in my bag is always something to read (normally a book and a magazine), my camera, my phone, notebook and paper, sunglasses, lip balm, comfortable shoes and a jacket to layer (I always get cold). I've been using an Everlane backpack for the past couple years and love it. Really sturdy and holds up well to the elements. -Katie

    1. We've got our eye on the Everlane Twill Zip Tote. Love all there products!