Wednesday, September 10

Claire's Polaroid Wall

When I was younger, the walls in my bedroom at my parents house were covered with posters and photos. I always had a disposable camera (yep the pre-camera phone days) on me and would take tons of pictures every chance I got. I'd run to the store, drop off the camera and anxiously await the call. "They're ready to be picked up" were the six words I couldn't wait to hear!  Filling my walls with photos reminded me of all the delightful times I had with family and friends. I would walk into my bedroom, look at the photos and they would bring a smile to my face every day.

I've always loved to have photos on my walls, so when my husband and I moved into our current apartment, I picked a wall to display my recent film obsession, polaroids. The white wall in my kitchen turned out to be the perfect spot. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and always catch myself and our house guests stopping to look at the photos and talk about all the different memories captured.

Want to make your own polariod wall? Below you will find the four simple steps to do just that.

Polaroid Wall
Painters Tape
Tape Measure
Double sided Tape

Step One // Designate a wall you'd like to display your polaroids. I chose a white wall so that polaroids themselves would really pop.
Step Two // Measure off the area you'd like to place the photos. I picked a rectangle shape that complimented the table I have below.
Step Three // Using painters tape and a tape measurer, measure out a leveled grid for placement of your photos. I started on the left side and worked my way right, attaching photos with double sided tape as I went.
Step Four // Remove painters tape and you have your finished polaroid wall! The white spaces in-between each photo will be the width of the tape you use. I found it to be the perfect size.

Bonus Tips:
Display different memories throughout the year by regularly swapping out photos. I do this monthly.
Date your photos so you remember when events took place.


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