Thursday, November 13

HOMEMADE: Dried Herb Fire Tinder


The temperatures are dropping fast around here. And we mean fast! On chilly nights, there's nothing we love more than bundling up, gathering around the fire pit in Lauren's backyard, and sipping (spiked) hot cocoa. These lovely dried herb fire tinders are simple to make and get our fire blazing in no time. Are you lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace in your home? (We're jealous!) The burning herbs will make your house smell absolutely heavenly!


Fire Tinder //
Dried Herbs (we used rosemary, sage, and thyme)
Twine (go for an organic fiber like hemp or cotton)

Gather a bundle of dried herbs, around 10-15 pieces. Roll the herbs up in newspaper. Tie off the ends with twine. Place a bundle in the bottom of your fireplace or firepit. Pile kindling (smaller twigs and sticks only about the size of a finger) on top, leaving an end of the tinder sticking out. Place a few bigger logs on top of the kindling. Light the the end of the tinder, watch your kindling and catch and your fire start to roar, and get cozy! P.S. learn how to build a proper fire from Smokey the Bear here :)

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