Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year!

These last few days before the new year begins are always such sweet and sentimental ones, don't you think? We all tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on memories, good and bad, from the past 12 months and focusing on our hopes for the next year. We, for one, have been doing a lot of cuddling up under blankets with mugs of tea, our journals, and some deep thoughts.

The other day we took our introspective vibes to the lakeshore. There's just something about a walk along a winter beach that sets the tone for reflection, you know? The wind was practically arctic, whipping us all around and shocking our senses. With frozen fingers and noses, all we could do was laugh and take it all in. It was such a fun moment and a memorable way to end the year!

We hope that your New Year's Eve is a wild and lovely one surrounded by friends and family, and that your coming year is even more thrilling. Thank you so much for making our 2014 such an exciting year. We can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!


  1. Happy New Year's, ladies! I hope 2015 is just as exciting and fun for you both! -Katie

    1. Thanks Katie. We had a blast ringing in the New Year. Hope yours we just as lovely.