Wednesday, December 10

Make // Felt Garland

This holiday season, Lauren and I both decided to ditch our fake Christmas trees and go all natural. No more scented pine candles for us, we've got the real thing! Since I'm an apartment dweller and don't have a ton of extra space, my husband and I decided to go small and get a mini tree. One of my favorite holiday activities is to put on a Christmas album, sip hot cocoa, and decorate our home. I set up our tree the instant we got home and couldn't wait to garnish it with lights and put on my favorite ornaments.

Felt garland has become pretty popular in the past year and has been a project on my "to do" list for awhile. I decided to seize this opportunity of having a small tree, instead of our usual fake 6', and finally give it a try. Boy was I glad I did, because I absolutely love how it turned out! My tree is now covered with an obscene amount of felt balls and I can't wait to make more.

DIY Felt Garland //
Wool roving

To make felt ball:
Step One // Cut a handful of wool roving, run under warm water, and form a loose ball.

Step Two // In your hand, add soap (a good lather) to your roving.

Step Three // Under warm water, gently start rolling the wool into a ball, adding more soap when it washes away.

Step Four // Continue rolling and rinsing wool together. Switch water from warm to cold to "shock" the fibers together. Your wool will start to firm and turn into a ball!

*If little cracks form in your ball and the wool doesn't completely lock together, just wrap a thin layer of roving around the whole ball and start at step three.

To make garland:
Step One //  Take a strand of string and cut it to the appropriate length you desire.

Step Two // Once your felt balls are completely dry; thread your needle and string balls on the thread spacing them to whatever distance you find appropriate.

Get crafty and festive this holiday season! Make this garland and tag your photos #fmholidays.
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  1. Great DIY, ladies! I was eyeing some felted garland from West Elm, but making my own sounds way more fun! - Katie

    1. Definitely make your own Katie! By the end of the holidays our homes will be covered in garland. We can't stop!

  2. I've been wanting to try this, and now, I will!

  3. Love this tutorial! Definitely going to have to make some!