Monday, December 22


With the year coming to an end, so is our "This Month's Pie" feature. Will my neighbors, Lauren, and our husbands be a bit sad that I won't be bringing them pie to try every month? Probably. Lucky for them, I now really enjoy making pie! I had such a blast trying new recipes and exploring different methods of pie making. I've always wanted to make free form pies and I finally did! Sure individually cheesecake and whiskey are delicious, but together in a's heavenly! When we first started this feature last December, I was really nervous every time my hands touched a pie pan, but now I have more confidence in my baking skills. So my advice to you, make a pie! Try a couple and perfect your craft. Practice makes perfect!

Here is a listing of the pies we've made and a few helpful tips I've come across over the year.

2014 This Months Pie //
Apple Pear Cranberry Pie
Whiskey Cheesecake

All Things Pie //
If you're interested in a great pie book, definitely check out The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie.
I couldn't live without a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Every time I make a pie or bake, I always use this mixer.
Purchase pie weights for when you need to pre bake your pie crust.
Want a traditional pie crust that works every time, try Martha Stewart's favorite pie crust recipe.

Next time you have a gathering at your home, make a pie! 



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've always wanted to make a pie, but I have a feeling it wouldn't turn out so well!

    1. Definitely do try Lindsey. You'll be surprised at how easy it really is!