Friday, February 20

LIFE/STYLE: Ladies Who Brunch

This past weekend we gathered together for a ladies only family style brunch at a lovely little spot called The Winchester in the Ukrainian Village. Our darling Instagram-aquaintance-turned-real-life-friend, Daina, organized the whole shindig as a belated Galentine's Day celebration, but also as an ongoing attempt to bring together groups of women every month to share a meal, share their stories, inspire one another, and make new friends. We spent the afternoon trading Galentine's Day cards and chatting about everything from tarot card readings to weird celebrity run ins to our cats. The food was amazing but the company was even better and it reminded us how important it is to make room for more just "girl time" to connect, inspire, relate, and encourage with the women in our lives.

Photo credits top left to bottom right / @linacaro / / @ninagraceless@awomaninscience /   @agentlewoman Also check out these inspiring ladies / @eva_agnes @saraspoons  @mandelcandle

Speaking of girl power, has anyone checked out this documentary yet? The trailer alone made us bawl like babies!
Are you a part of the #20beautifulwomen movement? Snap a selfie, share it, tag twenty women you think are truly beautiful, and encourage them to do the same. We think it's such a sweet way to remind the women you love the most just how amazing they are.
Give the ladies in your life a little extra love and encouragement this weekend and remind them that we're all in this together!


  1. Such a great idea! After @EriewoodCollective had their Galentine's Day event, I've been way into my lady friends and want to keep in touch with them as much as possible. And nothing is better than hanging out with your lady friends and eating delicious food!

  2. Those EW Collective ladies sure do know how to throw a good girl party, right!? Xx. Lauren