Wednesday, April 22

Earth Day

Today is our favorite day in April - Earth Day! Go for a walk around your neighborhood, plant some flowers, or volunteer on this special day. Help mother nature out a bit and be conscience of the choices you make that effect not only you, but the world. Here are a few things we do to take care of this lovely planet we call home.

Eat locally grown seasonal food when possible. Shop farmers markets, fruit stands, and visit local food co ops. Although only some towns have indoor markets during the cooler seasons, most do have markets in the warmer months. Find out where they are in your city, enjoy fresh food and support local businesses.

Lower your carbon footprint. Put down your car keys, grab a helmet, and bike to your destination. Not only is it great exercise but it takes the stress and annoyance of rush hour traffic out of your commute. Public transit is another great option.

Turn off lights when you walk out of a room. Although we admit we aren't the best at this, we're trying! Save electricity (and money in your pocket) by getting in the habit of turning off lights every time you leave a room.

Remember to recycle your electronics. Don't let them pile up in your junk drawer or throw them in the trash where they don't belong - recycle! Contact your city or go online to find your nearest electronic recycling center.

Use Reusable shopping bags at the grocery store. Ditch those pesty plastic bags! Always try to keep a tote bag or two on hand (find one you can fold up real small and leave it at the bottom of that big leather tote you're always carrying around). There are so many different sizes, colors, and cute designs - we must own 10 each!

Do you have plans this Earth Day? What are your tips for helping out mother nature?


  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Also, huge brownie points for such great tips on living a socially-conscious lifestyle! Recycling electronics is definitely one that I need to really work on! :)
    Sharing this post with my readers!

    <(') hoda | joojoo azad

    1. The conservatories in Chicago are beautiful. Thanks for the kind works and the share Hoda!