Monday, August 17

Astrology Stitch Poster // Virgo

Virgo, have you been waiting patiently for your Astrology Stitch Poster? Well today you're in luck. This month we're focusing on you!

August 23 - September 22
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury - ancient god of communication and commerce.
Written Symbol: The Virgin - purity of motive, modesty, industriousness, and service of oneself and one's talents towards helping others.
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Numbers: 5 and 3
Birthstone: Sapphire - tranquility of mind. Protects against illness and injury while traveling.
Color: Navy blue and grey

"Your emotional life is a constant striving to bring order out of chaos. Although you have a great capacity for love, love alone is not enough for you to be happy. You need more than a mate, home, children, and friends. You must justify your life, conducting yourself as a good bookkeeper - always ready to give a reckoning on whether there's a profit or a loss. You're ambitious, but not just for money. You want to know more, to gain wisdom, and put this wisdom to practical use.

Intelligence is the hallmark of your sign. You have an excellent memory, an analytical mind, and are known for crystal-clear thinking. You also have a keen ability to probe into human motivations. People like to check their plans with you before putting them into action because you have a microscopic vision when it comes to detecting a flaw. Your superb logic cuts through muddled thinking like a laser beam. You instantly zero in on a problem, take apart difficulties, and put them back together in proper order."

- From The One Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woodfolk

Virgo Astrology Stitch Poster // 
Download your Virgo print in  Black or White

Print on heavy card stock to prevent bending or creasing. Take your favorite color embroidery thread and back stitch along the dashed line between the stars (making sure to go under the stars with your thread). It's that simple!

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