Monday, August 10

FAVORITE PLACES // Garfield Park Conservatory

When people ask me what my favorite places are in Chicago, one of my answers is always the Garfield Park Conservatory. Consisting of seven showrooms, a labyrinth, a lily pond, a city garden, and a Monet garden, GPC one of the largest greenhouse conservatories in the United States. With the conservatory being a 10 minutes drive from my apartment, this is a destination I frequent regularly and fall in love with more every time I visit. It's the perfect place to bring a friend or just visit solo.

My trip usual involves grabbing a coffee beforehand and spending the first part roaming the grounds. Every time I walk through, something new always catches my eye - a bold plant color, new flowers, interesting texture on a leaf - I get excited and can't wait to see what new beauty I'll find. Next I head to the back lawn, pull out my blanket, and have a small snack. My shoes instantly come off and I spend some time bare foot running my feet through the grass. I day dream, write in my journal, or have a great conversation with friends. My mind always seems to wonder and I get bombarded with inspiration whenever I visit Garfield Park Conservatory.

What's your favorite local destination you always tell out of towners about? Do you go to specific places you visit to get inspired?


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