Friday, September 11

A Friday Distraction / 02

This weekend is slated to be a cool and rainy one around these parts. (Bring it on, Fall!) That calls for cuddling up under blankets, mugs upon mugs of hot tea, plenty of afternoon naps, and a Netflix marathon or two. The stuff that weekend dreams are made of! Here are a few random distractions to get you through your day until the weekend officially begins.

Claire is still living life out on the open road traveling all over Colorado for the next two weeks! Jonesing for a little road trip inspo yourself? Look no further than here. And check this out.

Meanwhile, Lauren is in the middle of a kitchen makeover of sorts so she's spending all her free time drooling over dreamy ones on the internet.

We're dying to check out this home. Because this quote just gets us "...we should try to bring nature, houses, and human beings together in a higher unity." -Mies van der Rohe

Too late in the season for home-made ice cream? Not if it looks this!

Forever smitten with this local jewelry maker. This necklace, tho. *heart eyes emoji

If only this was real! We would watch in a heartbeat.

Free. Beautiful. (High-res). Photos.

Currently binge watching.

Possibly the best art ever made?

Tinder for design nerds. Love it so hard.

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  1. I love stopping by your space! That ice cream is just calling my name! Especially on my birthday in February!! Would love for you to read my latest!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries