Tuesday, November 24

Harvest Crowns with The Foxglove Studio

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away! Can you believe it? Lauren's hosting this year and Claire is off to visit family. It's such a busy busy time with last minute grocery shopping, prepping, and baking! What are your plans for the holiday?

Typically we don't really decorate our homes or style elaborate tablescapes for Thanksgiving. The table fills up quickly with place settings, platters, bowls, and different spreads - there just really isn't extra room for anything else. But when we're hosting a holiday or even just a small dinner party, it's important to create an environment that feels welcoming, looks beautiful, makes our guests feel special, and puts them in the party spirit! So this year, we're partnering with The Foxglove Studio to look beyond the table. Forget your traditional floral centerpiece and try your hand at festive harvest crowns for everyone to enjoy!

Supplies //
•  Floral Wire
•  Clippers
•  Flowers/Greenery - visit your local flower shop or market to see what flowers and greenery are in season and pick whatever catches your eye.

Untwist a section of your floral wire. Take your flowers/greenery, clip off pieces, and place them into small groupings. Grab a small group and twist the floral wire around the bottom of the greenery two to three times. While working down the wire, repeat these steps - occasionally measuring your crown to see if it fits your head. Adjust greenery positioning as needed. Once the crown is to size, cut the wire and attach the two ends together. 

So easy and super cute, right? Thanks Foxglove Studio for helping us create the perfect Thanksgiving  decorative accessory.

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