Monday, December 7

Half Moon Holiday Wreath

As an adult, the holiday season always seem to fly by - decorating my home, planning family get-togethers, writing and sending holiday cards, buying gifts for loved one, and attending festive parties - life sure can get hectic and before you know it, it's the new year. With all that goes on, sometimes getting a giant tree and decorating it can be a bit overwhelming. A holiday wreath is a great way to give your home a seasonal feel (and smell!) without the headache of trying to tackle another huge project. I made my first wreath this year and I was really excited with how well it turned out! Maybe I'll quit my day job and become a florist...ok probably not, but I did have a lot of fun trying to create something new and it gave me the confidence to work more on projects with greenery. Design a full wreath, a half moon wreath, a wild looking wreath, or a thin wreath - the possibilities are endless and you can't go wrong with any style. Learn how to make this half moon holiday wreath below.

Half Moon Holiday Wreath
Metal Ring - any desired size
Green Paddle Wire
Wire Cutters

Step One // Attach yarn to your metal ring using a larks head knot.

Step Two // Take a branch of greenery and clip off a few smaller pieces. Grab these clippings and twist the paddle wire around the base two to three times. Working down the wire, repeat this step, until you've created a short thick rope, or garland, of greenery. Repeat this step to create two ropes.

Step Three // Attach your garlands to the hoop with wire. When creating this wreath, I faced the ends of each garland inward, and let the greenery splay outward.

Step Four // Use different types of greenery to cover where the two garlands meet in the center and secure with wire.

Step Five // Add in accent pieces of greenery to give your wreath a little more interest and depth.

Step Six // Hang your wreath and trim the yarn into any shape.

Make this Half Moon Holiday Wreath and don't forget share it by tagging your photos with #foxtailmakes.


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