Monday, January 4

Know Your Birthstone // January - Garnet

Hello 2016! We're starting out the new year by with a new series, Know Your Birthstone! In this monthly series we'll be sharing what we've learned about the meaning and symbolism of each birthstone along with a free desktop wallpaper for you to download featuring artwork from Mink Letterpress. January kicks off our series with Garnet - a strong intense stone that can cleanse both your mind and body. Learn more about Garnet and download the desktop wallpaper below.

Colors: commonly known to be a fiery red stone, it is in fact found in a variety of colors
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Energy: Projective

Mind //
• Place under your pillow to alleviate bad dreams
• Balances energy
• Boosts self-confidence and attitude
• Brings luck for love and success
• Provides protective and calming influence
• Increases positivity

Body //
• Reduces body toxins
• Regenerates the body
• Stimulates metabolism

Download our free desktop wallpaper here.

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