Wednesday, December 11

10 Random Things

10 Random Things about Lauren
1. I'ved lived in 6 different states thus far in my lifetime. (Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee)
2. I am an only child.
3. I habitually over punctuate with exclamation points. Handwritten letters. emails, text...I can't help it! I guess I'm just really excited! All the time!
4. Karaoke. I love it so much.
5. Growing up, I had two imaginary friends named Sarah and Nobbie. 
6. I'm obsessed with making lists. They're scattered all around my house and half the things on them aren't crossed off but I just love making them.
7. I could eat brussel sprouts for every meal and never grow tired of them.
8. I'm more of a skirts and dresses kind of girl. Its pretty rare that you'll catch me in jeans.
9. My husband and I daydream constantly of moving to the Tennessee countryside, buying an old farmhouse and raising little goats. One day... 
10. I play the ukulele. Kind of.

10 Random Things about Claire
1. My spirit animal is an otter.
2. One thing you can always find in my purse is Burt's Bees Chapstick.
3. I always bust out the robot on the dance floor. It's my go to dance move. Always a crowd pleaser.
4. When I was young, I had a ferret names Sid. I constantly wrote and performed songs about ferrets to him. He was not impressed.
5. I have over 50 plants in my home. My green thumb is out of control!
6. My husband and I have a secret miniature toy collection behind our medicine cabinet mirror.
7. I hate ketchup, but love tomatoes.
8. I have a mini glass bottle necklace that's filled with my dogs puppy teeth. Kinda love my pug.
9. Cheese is my favorite food. I'm slowly trying to teach myself how to make my own.
10. If I could walk around barefoot all day I would. No socks or shoes for me!


  1. This was a fun post!! Lauren, I also over punctuate. I've been catching myself & trying to change it, but what's wrong with being excited all the time?!?! nothing!!! :)