Saturday, December 7

MAKE: Holiday Decoration

This week, Lauren and I spent some time decorating our respective homes for the holidays. Traditional holiday decorations leave us feeling super “Christmassy”, but they can be a bit...well...cheesy. Wanting something a bit different this year, we decided to forego your run of the mill plastic mistletoe wreath and opted to make our own rustic wall hanging. This easy to craft decoration is just so lovely and is perfect for apartment dwellers and those with limited space. The best part? We didn’t spend a dime making it!
Use what you have around the house and make it your own! Search your yard or local park and see what you can find (after all, it’s free!). We foraged twigs, pine cones and branches. Looking through our craft supplies, we found clear glass ball ornaments and beautiful white feathers. We designed a layout and then hung each element from our twig using white thread. Attach twine to either end of the twig to make a hook and presto! You have a beautiful holiday wall hanging. Add a string of christmas lights for a bit more festive feel.

Will you be crafting any homemade holiday decorations this season? We’d love for you to share your ideas!
{ Claire } 


  1. I am obsessed with this. Stalking your blog this afternoon - you ladies are incredible! So inspired and excited by you!

    Vicky @ Juke & Grain

    1. Thanks for the love Vicky. We dig Juke & Grain! Your Instagram feed=adorable!