Monday, January 27

Cabin Fever

We've been stuck indoors quite a bit this month thanks to mother nature slapping us with some pretty rough winter weather. Being cooped up has left us on the verge of losing our sanity (ahem, see above). We've had to get pretty creative with ways to stave off cabin fever and by now, we're kind of feeling like pros at fighting boredom. Here are our favorite ways to actually enjoy your (forced) time inside...

Experiment with your hair // Play around with a style you've always wanted to try but have never had the time to attempt.  If its a total fail, hey, you're not leaving the house anyway! These girls are constantly coming up with darling hair how tos. We're especially digging this style.

Have a movie marathon // Oh, Netflix. What did we ever do without you!?  We've been meaning to check out this documentary and this documentary.  Non-fiction not your thing? Lauren has watched this series all the way through twice now and is still obsessed.  Claire just finished this series and loved it!

Bake //  Delicious smells and the yummy end product aside, baking works your oven double duty by making the kitchen the most warm and cozy room in your house!  We don't think we'll ever be over this pie recipe.  Try it. You'll love it. We promise.

Get organized // Deep cleaning is definitely not the most exciting way to spend a day, but it's probably something you've been putting off.  And your home will feel that much cozier after the fact.  Here is the ultimate cleanse for your house.

Build a fort //  Use every last pillow and blanket at your disposal to make a cozy space to cuddle up in. Tell stories, share secrets, and or just take a nap.  Check out Pinterest for some amazing fort inspiration.

Get crafty // Learn to knit with this beautiful series.  Or try your hand at caligraphy.

Waste time on the internet // It may not be the most productive thing you could be doing, but the internet is an endless source of time wasting wonderment. How we've been wasting our time: drooling over Regan's beautiful food photography, laughing till we cry watching this video, feeling some serious Chicago love pouring over this tumbler, reminiscing about the high point of our fashionable yesteryears (yikes!).

Paint your nails //  Up the ante with this cute Valentine's inspired manicure.

Get social // And do it without leaving your house.  Spend some time scrolling through the entertaining and endless #chiberia photos on Instagram. Feel our frozen pain! 

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