Friday, January 24

Hazelnut Hot Cocoa

Oh hey, Polar Vortex.  You're back again, eh?  Ugh.
Its a sweltering 8 degrees here in Chicago right now.  We're making plans to weather this weekend's beyond freezing temperatures and they pretty much look something like this:  stay in bed, read, sip hot cocoa, nap, repeat.
Below is our absolute favorite cocoa recipe.  Its so so rich and creamy tasting and about as uncomplicated as a recipe can be. You've got to give it a try!
What are your plans for this oh so wintery feeling weekend?  Stay warm, friends! 

Hazelnut Hot Cocoa
(Serves Two)

2 cups almond milk
1/4 cup hazelnut spread, like Nutella
(try Natural Nectar's Dark ChocoDream Spread for a vegan variation)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or spice it up with peppermint extract)
*Add a splash of Baileys Irish Cream or your favorite whiskey for a more grown up version.
Heat on stove. Whisk while heating.  Enjoy!


  1. That looks....amazing.

    Where did you find those fluffy marshmallows?


  2. Hi Allison! The marshmallows are from Whole Foods. They are beyond delicious!