Wednesday, January 8

STYLE: What's in your bag, Claire?

I'm starting off the New Year with a new purse and couldn't be happier!  Noticing that every time I bought a purse they were getting larger and larger, I decided to downside to a smaller one.  It was getting quite annoying having to dig through a giant purse to look for one item that half the time I couldn't find without dumping everything out.

This Fossil purse is a perfect for me.  Since it's smaller than what I'm used to, it forces me to really think about what I carry with me (which I like!).  Below is what you'll find in my purse these days.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm:  Never leave home without it!  //  Postcards:  Pick them up every place I travel, so usually I have a couple in my purse.  I send them out to loved ones or keep them as a memento.  //  Clinique's Almost Lipstick:  I'm not a huge fan of lipstick, but I really like this one.  A friend turned me on to it and now it's a staple for me.  //  Vintage Sunglasses  //  Moleskine notebook:  Even though all cell phones have a notepad app, I still prefer writing things down.  I tend to remember better that way.  // Kohinoor Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil:  Musk perfume oils are my favorite. Kohinoor's bottle size makes it perfect to carry in a small purse.     *Not pictured: Phone and wallet


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