Monday, January 6

CHEERS: A New Year Detox Juice

Now that the Holidays are over and its far less socially acceptable to make a meal out of half a tin of Christmas cookies and a bottle of red wine, its high time that I remind myself what clean eating feels like. 
This past week, I've been simplifying my diet and reacquainting myself with my juicer.  Juicing is a fantastically easy and delicious way to get a dose of vitamins and veggies. Below, I'm sharing one of my favorite juice recipes.  Its sweet, but not overly so, and full of all sorts of good for you stuff!

New Year Detox Juice:
(makes enough juice for one person)

1 medium sized carrot
2 small green apples
1 small to medium sized beet
A handful of kale
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Juice of fresh ginger to taste

The benefits:
Carrots // vitamin A and beta carotenes
Apples // rich in flavanoids and polyphenols (both strong antioxidants) and helps with digestion
Beets // rich in antioxidants and naturally occurring nitrates 
Kale // vitamins C, B, and K, as well as rich in minerals magnesium, iron, and calcium
Lemon // vitamins C and P, cleanses the liver
Ginger // detoxifies and boosts immunity 


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