Monday, February 17

Happy Birthday Claire

It's Monday and we're starting the week out with a birthday celebration!  Claire turns 30 today and decided to share five random things about herself.  Chicago's getting hit with another winter storm today, but that won't stop us from going out tonight to get some tasty tacos and celebrate with close friends.

Five Random Things about Claire
1. I'm known for making an awesome brownie.  Sure, its just oil, eggs, and a box mix, but people always complement me on how delicious they are.  It's my go to dessert when I don't have enough time to make something elaborate.
2. My husband and I have lived in our apartment for almost four years and I am getting the redecorating itch.  Lauren seems to be bit by the same bug, so we'll soon start sharing with you all our journey and more about our homes.
3. I went to the mall this past weekend and got this awesome blouse from Top Shop.  I've been digging' their clothes a lot lately.  More importantly, I love going to the mall!
4. I am planning on wearing my DIY pipe cleaner crown all day.  Why not? It's my birthday!
5. Thinking of dying my hair blonde.  This might be the year I finally pull the trigger and do it.  What do you think?


  1. Congrats! Your shirt is adorable, brownies I could eat and I like your hair color. I am blonde but I love shades of red! I'm leaving a comment for the first time. You have great blog name :)