Wednesday, February 19

MAKE: Dried Sage Incense Bundle

There are about a million reasons I am dying for spring to arrive. I'm forever dreaming of warmer temperatures, long walks around the neighborhood with our pup, and a uniform of cute sundresses, but I'm really looking forward to cracking open our windows and letting in a little springtime breeze! With the winter months dragging, our house just starts to feel stale without fresh air.

Enter this simple homemade incense. Throughout history and across cultures, tightly bound bundles of dried herbs have been burned for purification and spiritual health. Specifically, smudge sticks play a huge role in many Native American ceremonies (read more about that tradition here). But I burn these incense bundles simply because I love the way they smell. Its so refreshing to fill our apartment with such a green scent and the whole house feels recharged energy-wise.

Making an incense bundle is super easy (check out this simple how-to here). I used store bought sage that I had left over from a recipe and bound the bundle with hemp twine. I can't wait for warmer months when I can clip herbs from my garden. Next time I want to add a little lavender and thyme. What are your favorite scents to fill your home with?


PS.  We just found out that we were nominated for a Homies Award over on Apartment Therapy! We are absolutely beyond flattered. Do us a little favor and vote for us here? <3 <3 <3

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