Wednesday, February 26

STYLE: What's in your bag, Lauren?

Try as I might to downsize from my typically suitcase sized purse to a smaller sleeker more compact one, I just love me a giant bag! I stumbled upon this Vegan Crazyheart Tote by Urban Originals at Free People recently, and I was instantly gaga.  The sheer size of it!  And all. that. fringe!

While I could literally fit everything but the kitchen sink in this bag, below is what you'll always, without a doubt, find me carrying.

Decomposition Notebook: I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go to jot down ideas and inspiration. I love that these are made from recycled materials.  //  Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair Dry Shampoo: I'm one of those only wash your hair twice a week kind of girls. Fresh.Hair is my secret to not looking like a total grease ball all the time.  //  Russell + Hazel Business Card Holder: I may be totally awkward when it comes to networking but this gold leather business card holder makes me feel extra fancy handing out my card!  //   BonLook Urban Dandy Frames: The quintessential nerdy sexy Buddy Holly style glasses.  //  Photo booth strips: If we ever find ourselves having a drink in a bar with a photo booth, you better believe I'm dragging you in there with me! I'm photo booth obsessed.  //  TokyoMilk Shea Butter Handcreme in Arsenic: The smell. The packaging. And it leaves my hands so so soft. This stuff is seriously the best.  //  Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in "Boy": I wore this shade on my wedding day. It makes me smile every time I put it on!


Check out what's in Claire's bag here.


  1. Today is one of those "I think my hair is good for another day, I'll just go to work and then look at it under the florescent lights and realize that I need to go get some dry shampoo ASAP" kind of days. Off to try this Kevin Murphy Fresh! xo

    1. Fresh.Hair is game changing. You'll love it! And I happen to know a stylist who might be able to get you a discount on a can. ;)