Monday, May 5

HOMEMADE: Natural Air Fresheners

Last weekend we had friends from out of town stay with us.  Before they arrived, I took some time to straightening up our guest room.  I popped open the windows to get some fresh air circulating throughout the room and realized that an air freshener would be a nice addition. 

Homemade air fresheners are cheap and super easy to make.  Ditch the toxins from those you buy at the store!  Combine water, citrus, and herbs that create pleasant aromas that will leave a room smelling fresh and natural.

Rosemary and Lemon
Orange, Cloves, Cinnamon
Lime and Mint

Use glass jars you have laying around your home and fill them with any of these citrus and herb combinations. 

• Oranges, cinnamon, and cloves*
• Lemon and rosemary (vanilla optional)
• Lime and mint (vanilla optional)

Fill with water and you have a homemade air freshener that will last about 3-5 days.

*We found that this combination was the most fragrant.


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  1. I keep seeing these popping up! I can't wait to make one, the lime and mint sounds lovely!

    1. These are a must make Nicole! I am starting to grow some herbs on my porch that I can't wait to use for these all spring/summer long.

  2. Really lovely idea ( and smell :-))!x

    1. Thanks, Audrey! They're absolutely lovely smelling. :)

  3. "Fill with water and you have a homemade air freshener that will around 3 days."

    Do they only last 3 days or do they start to smell after 3 days?

    1. Whoops! Thanks for making us aware of the typo! We found that the air fresheners smell and look nicest up to 3-5 days.

  4. Definitely going to try this out! Great!