Monday, July 28

MAKE / DIY Ombre Market Tote

Cotton canvas totes are my go to for the perfect summer bag. The beach, street fairs, farmers markets, trips to the coffee shop or the thrift store, they can handle it all. This guy has been going everywhere with me lately and I'm pretty obsessed with him. Equal parts faux dip dye and faux watercolor, this DIY ombre tote has just about every current color trend covered. It was so extremely easy to throw together I almost feel silly sharing it with you guys, but I can't get over how much I love the way my bag looks!   

You need //A cotton canvas toteAcrylic PaintWaterPaint brushCardboard or a paper bagTo make //Start by stuffing the tote with cardboard (or a paper bag). Then lay the tote flat on a surface. The cardboard will prevent the paint from soaking through the canvas to the other side of the tote.Whisk together a nickel sized dollop of paint and three or four tablespoons of water (depending on how pigmented you want the darkest part of the ombre to be). Paint on your first layer. Make sure to completely saturate the canvas.Dilute your paint mixture with three more tablespoons of water. Paint the next layer of ombre on your tote. Don't be afraid of overlapping with the first layer.Continue the diluting and painting process over and over again until you feel like your tote is complete. I let the ombre travel about half way up my bag and the top layer of paint is so diluted it's barely there. Get creative and make it your own!

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