Friday, August 15

A Pop-Up Supper

Last weekend we gathered together some close friends and hosted a pop-up supper under a huge old tree in a secluded little spot nestled in a local park. The super moon was peaking through the clouded night sky as we dined on delicious food and shared lots of wine. It was a pretty magical night! Hosting a seasonal supper club is something we've been wanting to do for awhile. Throwing this dinner party in an unexpected location made it all the more fun!

We kept the dishes simple and seasonal using fresh ingredients plucked straight from our gardens. We collected branches from surrounding trees and used them in an impromptu center piece that included tons of candles, because a dinner party just isn't a dinner party unless it's drenched in candlelight. We laughed and ate and drank until it was so dark we could barely see one another and then we laughed and ate and drank some more. It was such a unique experience, we can't wait to host many more!

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