Wednesday, August 13

Insta Love // Favorite Follows

Don't you just love Instagram!? Every morning my ritual includes scrolling through my feed while sipping my first cup of coffee. Flooding myself with beautiful imagery in the morning inspires me to take time throughout the day to really look at all the loveliness the world around me has to offer. We follow some pretty insanely brilliant and talented people on Instagram...photographers, makers, musicians, artists, bloggers, designers. Here are a few Chicago ladies that have been especially inspiring to us as of late.

@amyjojojojojo is a Chicago-based photographer. She sprinkles her feed with shots of her professional work and glimpses of her everyday life. She uses a muted palette in her photos that we find absolutely dreamy looking. Plus there's plenty of pictures of her adorable pup and the dog pictures just get us every time! Check out more of her work here.

@stevisavage is a Chicago mama and photographer. She documents life with her husband and darling toddler Rhodes in their breathtakingly cool city loft. Stevi's photo are just so much fun to look at. She makes being a mom look like a blast, and seriously, that loft! Check out her work with Avery House and take a peek at her blog

@thefoxglovestudio is Chicago florist Caitlin Kerr.  She makes and photographs mind-blowingly lovely floral arrangements. Like, serious flower porn that's sure to brighten your day! Check out her blog here.
We're always looking for new and inspiring photos to drool over so tell us, who are your favorite follows on Instagram? And make sure you follow us so we can check out your feed! Xx.{Lauren}

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