Friday, August 22

Weekend Wears // Lauren

This is what you're most likely to find me wearing at any given moment over the weekend. My weekend uniform, if you will. Black leggings, a tee, a denim button up thrown over. Simple jewelry, boots, a hat, and red lipstick. I like to call it my middle school art teacher outfit.
It has this casually understated slightly bohemian air to it that my own middle school art teacher always so perfectly emulated with her fingers full of turquoise rings and oversized chambray shirts. My overactive 6th grade imagination liked to imagine the life she lead on weekends, away from our lopsided ceramics and crappy oil pastel renderings. Her days spent in her small Parisian style apartment decorated in rich velvet tapestries, lounging in a silk kimono, sipping strong coffee, and reading novels written by Russian authors. At night she would drink bottles of red wine, listen to opera, and sit on her candle lit fire escape painting giant oil paintings of her lover, nude. You know, just your typical kind of day dreams for a 12 year old growing up in Missouri. Real run of the mill stuff. But I digress.

I'm sure that, in reality, Ms. Middleton's weekends involved way less nude oil painting and went something more like mine typically do. Brunch with friends, trips to the grocery store, cleaning house, taking the dog to the dog park, sneaking in a nap or two where ever possible. But I like to think this comfortably chic ensemble makes one think I might be up to something more artistically inclined!
What's your go to weekend uniform look? And more importantly, what kind of vibe was your middle school art teacher channeling? I'm dying to know!

Hat: Madewell // Denim Button Up: Madewell // T-Shirt: Free People (similar) // Necklace: Cities in Dust // Leggings: American Apparel // Boots: Jeffery Campbell for Free People (last season)

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