Wednesday, September 24

MAKE // Wood Bead + Copper Necklace

Every couple of weeks I head to our local craft store just to browse. I won't have any specific project in mind, I just go to get inspired. Seeing all the different materials laid out makes my mind wander and I get excited about all the possible projects. Last week as I was walking down an isle, what did my eye spot: wood beads! In my basket they went immediately. I didn't know what I wanted to use them for, I just knew I had to have them. Last month, we shared with you our Keepsake Jar Necklace. After putting that project together, jewelry making has been on my mind. And it dawned on me, these wood beads would be perfect for a necklace!

This wood bead + copper necklace is extremely versatile and easy to make. Any color combinations caught your eye lately? Use those colors to create a super cute pattern for this adorable necklace.

Wood Bead + Copper Necklace
wood beads (any size you want to use)
acrylic paint
small paint brush
painters tape
copper piping (any size you want to use)
tubing cutter
chain necklace

Step One // Paint your beads. I chose two different colors (light and dark blue). Use as many colors as you want. Get creative! To paint half a bead, take painters tape and rap it around the area of the bead you do not want painted. Next, use a small paint brush to paint the part of the bead that is not covered with tape. Once dry, remove tape.

Step Two // Cut your copper pipes to desired length using your tubing cutter. I chose to incorporate four pieces of copper: two short (inside) and two a bit longer (outside)

Step Three // Create a layout for your necklace. When you figure out the pattern, string it on your chain necklace and you're done!

What I love about this necklace is that you can change the pattern at any time. Get bored of it one day? Switch around your beads and copper piping to make a different design.


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