Monday, August 4

MAKE / Keepsake Jar Necklaces

Going to Lake Michigan and spending the day at the beach is one of my favorite summer activities. First thing on my agenda when I get there: comb the beach for sea glass and unique rocks! At home the shelves in my office are full of these small mementos. One day I was looking at all the treasures I've collected and thought...why am I keeping these on a shelf that's out of sight and tucked away? These little pieces are beautiful and remind me of all the fun times I've had on different summer outings. After that, I decide to start making keepsake jar necklaces. Now whenever I wear these necklaces, I instantly think of the beach and all the great memories I've made there. 

Learn how to make these keepsake jar necklaces below. Fill the jars with anything! Get bored with what you put in them? They can easily be swapped out with something else or fill a couple different jars and rotate them whenever you feel like it. That's my favorite thing about this necklace, it's so versatile!

Jewelry screw eyes
Jump ring
Jewelry clasp
Jewelry chain
Chain nose pliers

Step One // Find mementos that fit into the glass vial. I've chosen sea glass, pebbles, moss, and feathers. Play around with color schemes and textures.

Step Two // Twist a jewelry screw eye into the cork top. Next, attached a jump ring to the jewelry screw eye.

Step Three // Take the cork top (with the jewelry screw eye and jump right attached) and stick it into the glass vial. Make sure that the cork is pushed far into the bottle and won't come out.

Step Four // Cut jewelry chain to desired length using chain nose pliers.

Step Five // Put the chain through the jump ring that is attached to the cork and bottle.

Step Six // Attach a jewelry clasp to the chain and there you have it: a beautiful keepsake jar necklace!


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