Wednesday, October 8

DIY Blog Tour and a Few Things About Us


When Erin of Color Me Styled nominated us to participant in the DIY Blog Tour, we were thrilled! This tour is a chance for DIY bloggers to answer a few quick questions and give readers a little insight on why we feel being creative and DIY is such an important part of our everyday lives. Check out our  answers to the four questions below and then see who we decided to nominate.

1. What are you working on?
Lauren // The husband and I just signed a lease on a new studio/workspace and are in the process of moving in and getting settled. It's pretty exciting! I'm overwhelmed just thinking about all the room I have for photo shoots and DIY-ing till my little heart is content! Up until now, we were using the spare bedroom in our apartment as an office/studio/workspace and it was getting pretty cramped in there. It's nice to reclaim that room as a living space and I can't wait to get started on a few redecorating ideas I have floating around in my head. I'll have lots of DIY decor projects to share in the coming months!

Claire // Currently my husband and I are working on redecorating and organizing a lot of our apartment. We have lived in our home for over 4 years and probably won't be moving any time soon, so we really want to take advantage of the space we have and use it to the best of our abilities. Painting, buying some new furniture, creating new art for our walls, and problem solving some long overdue storage issues have been taking up a lot of our time, but have been making our place feel much more like a home. Can't wait to share some Before/After projects on F+M!

2. How do your DIYs differ from others in the genre?
L // I like for pretty things to happen easily so I strive for simplicity and practicality when it comes to DIY-ing. There are a lot of really beautiful and interesting DIYs out there but so many require about a million steps to complete and involve hard to find or expensive supplies. We're not big on step-by-step instructions. And we don't want our readers to feel like they have to copy exactly what we make word for word. We aim to inspire. We love when our DIYs spark an idea and a reader makes something uniquely personal and truly their own! That inspires us like crazy!

C // I couldn't agree more with Lauren..Maybe that's what we work so well together :). Simple and practical are characteristic I always looks for in DIY's. Also, I look for affordable DIY's that I can complete fairly fast and that are timeless: something that I can create and look back at in five years and be just as happy with now as I was the day I created it.

3. Why do you write/create?
L // Boy, is this going to sound cheesy, but I really don't know anything else! Creating is second nature to me and I have my parents to thank for that. They always encouraged me to chase after my artistic inclinations. My Mom is super creative and a talented artist so we were always up to something crafty growing up in my house. I explored photography and creative writing in high school and college. Now I spend my days as a hair stylist, a whole different creative platform itself! Every aspect of my life is infused with making and creating.

C // Why DON'T I create? There are so many different things any one person can create. We are all so different and have so much to offer creatively in this world. I love seeing my friends express their creativity in any form and that motivates me to try new things and explore new ventures. Making something yourself or with friends is such a rewarding and personal experience.

4. What's your creative process?
L // Hmm, does taking a half-baked harebrained idea and executing it by making a gigantic crafty mess count as "process"? I'm pretty fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to creating. When inspiration hits I seize the moment and go with it. Sometimes I make something really lovely. Other times I produce some comically bad junk. But that's the fun part of creating!

C // On any day (mornings being my new favorite time) if I sit in my living room, throw on a record, grab my pencil and notepad and make a cup of coffee my mind will wonder and start to fill up with a bunch of different projects I've always wanted to try. Pinterest has helped me out a lot lately to organize my thoughts and give me inspiration to see what is possible. I'll start to write down my ideas in a jumbled mess and then slowly put them together, creating something that I usually am extremely excited about making.

One of our favorite local DIY blogs House of Hipsters is who we are nominating for the DIY Blog Tour. Kyla shares adorable DIY's, personal adventures, and some super cure free printables that are simply lovely.


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    1. Um...we feel the same way about you, Hollie! #hugsnotdrugs ;)

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