Monday, October 13

PLANT / GROW: Bringing Outdoor Plants Inside for the Winter

When Spring hits, I anxiously wait till the weather hits 50 degrees so I can start bringing my indoor plants outside. My back porch becomes a beautiful plant haven, a perfect second home for them to receive copious amounts of light and and fresh air. During the Summer, they grow and thrive greatly outdoors. Come Autumn, when the weather starts to become cooler again, I start the process of bringing them all back inside. The first year I did this, I made a few huge rookie mistakes. I brought a couple moths and insects into my apartment, a plant or two died, and I overwatered a bunch of them! Still wanting to transfer my plants outside for the warm seasons, I did some research and below are some tips I've learned over the years that help your plants with the transition.


1. Wash your plants before you bring them inside. Spray them with a blast of water from the hose, or apply a simple soap spray (1 tablespoon of dishwasher detergent to a gallon of water) and let dry. This not only cleans your plants, but helps prevent bugs from traveling indoors with your plants.

2. To reduce shock, bring your plants inside before you turn on the heat for the season.  Warm fall days are great for opening your windows one last time, bringing in your plants, and getting them settled. Don't be surprised if your plants drops a few leaves. They will be adjusting to less light and consequently their growth slows or even sometimes stops over the Winter.

3. Inspect outdoor plants before you bring them inside and keep them away from other indoor plants for a week or two. Insects and diseases can spread rapidly indoors, so monitor your plants to make sure they are healthy.

4. Your plants are no longer out in the Summer heat all day soaking up sun, so keep in mind their soil will not dry out as quickly. Reduce watering accordingly. Water them only when the top two inches have dried out and make sure not to don't over soak them.

After bringing all my plants in for the season, I decided to do a quick tally. I have 35 indoor plants. 35 you guys! Does this officially make me a crazy plant lady?



  1. Great post! I brought my plants in last week and have my fingers crossed that they will make it through the winter inside!