Monday, January 12

12 Minute DIY // Color Block Wood Bowls

Our first DIY of 2015! And of course we're keeping things simple with a brand new 12 Minute DIY. The color block trend has been going strong for a few years now but we're still loving it. Playing on that trend, we gave these little bowls a makeover. We're digging this subdued palette paired with the rustic warmth of the natural wood. These painted bowls were so simple to DIY and make such a pretty catch all for your keys, spare change, or jewelry.

Painted Wood Bowls //

Wood Bowls
Acrylic Paint
Painters Tape (or masking or washi tape)
Paint Brush
Spray Shellac or Clear Glaze (optional)

Use tape to section off a pattern of your liking. Apply 2 to 3 coats of acrylic paint, letting each coat dry between the next. Once the last coat is dry, peel off the tape and fix any little imperfections. Finish with a coat of clear glaze or spray shellac to prevent chipping.

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  1. I love these - they remind me of something you'd find in a superchic shop for way more than you'd like to spend. Adding this to my DIY list, stat!

    1. These are so inexpensive to make, it's amazing! Let us know how yours turn out Hollie.