Friday, February 27

LIFE/STYLE: The Whole 30

March 20 is the Spring Equinox (first day of spring) and oh boy are we ready for a change of season! Think we're counting the days till warmer weather? Maybe....In the cold winter months we tend to hibernate at home a bit more than usual. With that comes not a lot of exercise and heavy homemade winter meals. Hearty homemade soups, loads of lasagna, warm daily lattes, and ordering delivery from our favorite restaurants have us ready to put down the carbs and sugars and pick up more fresh fruits and veggies.

We wanted to look for a nutrition plan to follow and have a bit of a detox for the month of March. The Whole 30 instantly caught our attention. Think of it as a nutritional reset not a diet. This 30 day program helps restore a healthy metabolism, balances your immune system, (hopefully) ends those unhealthy cravings, heals your digestive tract, and lets your body recover from the negative effects of the not so healthy food choices you make - we're going to have a hard time putting down the cheetos and wine. Our big goal is to get rid of the processed food, sugars, carbs and eat more homemade organic protein rich meals.

March is the perfect transitional month for us to try The Whole 30. Feeling the need for a little detox too? Join in with us!

We'll have a recap in a month and let you know how we did and our thoughts on the program.
Have you tried The Whole 30 or any other nutrition plan? Have a favorite? We'd love to hear what worked for you and what didn't.

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