Thursday, February 26

Hair Tutorial // Hollywood Waves


Today we're featuring our very first hair tutorial on Foxtail + Moss and I'm super excited about it, you guys! I've been in the beauty industry for 12 years now so it's kind of a dream come true to marry my love of styling with this blog that I love so much. I've enlisted hair guru Rachel Archbold to help me create some simple styles that you can easily copy at home. Rachel and I chop and color locks side by side at Mane salon in the West Loop and are working on a super cool top secret bridal and event styling side project we plan to launch early spring. Basically, she's my hair soul mate!

Did you guys watch the Oscars this past Sunday? I mean, duh, of course you did! Our favorite part of any award show is scoping out the hair and makeup. We loved that celebrities we're going for an understated and undone look this year (heart eyes for Dakota Johnson's pony tail and Rosamund Pike's swept back updo). And while Kiera Knightley's headband was cute, Emma Stone channeled some serious old Hollywood glamour and just blew everyone out of the water. That dress! But most importantly, those waves! Below we'll show you how to re-create her look in 8 easy unfussy steps.

Tools //
1 to 1.5 Inch Barrel Curling Wand (while we're all about the wand, you can make do with your regular curling iron by wrapping your hair around the iron and ignoring the clamp!)
Bobby Pins
Pin Curl Clips
Workable Styling or Hair Spray (there's nothing better than the Session.Spray by Kevin.Murphy)
Boar Bristle Brush (we're in love with the Smoothing.Brush by Kevin.Murphy)


One // Make a deep side part in your hair. Sweep the side with less volume back behind your ear and secure with bobby pins.

Two // On the opposite side of your head, split your hair in to two sections, using your ear as a dividing line. You can run a flat iron through the back section if you wish, but we like the undone look of working with our natural texture. Clip the back section out of the way. From here on out, you'll only be working with the section of hair in front of your ear.

Three // Divide your hair in to four horizontal sections. Working from bottom to top, wrap each section around your curling wand and hold for a few seconds. It's important to hold the wand horizontally and wrap each section in the same direction.

Four // Slid the wand out leaving the rolled curl in your hand. Pinch the curl together and secure at scalp with a clip. You just made a pin curl!

Five // After pin curling all four sections, spray with a generous amount of workable styling spray and allow your hair to set.

Six + Seven // Once the curls are completely cool, take out the clips. Your curls are going to have a lot of bounce! Use a boar bristle brush to comb out and smooth the curls in to waves. You may have to run the brush through a few times to get the level of wave you're looking for but don't be afraid of brushing your curls out completely! Pin curls lock that curl pattern in to your hair.

Eight // Back comb the very front section of your hair for a little extra volume and va va voom!


An extra special thanks to Rachel for dreaming up this look! This style took us about twenty minutes to perfect. We think it's just the perfect amount of romantic and sexy! Would you try this look for your next date night or big event? Want to see more hair tutorials on Foxtail + Moss? Let us know in the comments below!


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