Wednesday, March 11

Astrology Stitch Poster: Pisces

Not sure what you prefer - black on white or white on black? Don't worry Pisces, we've got you covered for this month's astrology stitch poster. The readers with this sympathetic and spiritual sign get a special treat of two posters! Make one for yourself and the other for a Pisces pal. 

February 19 - March 20

Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Neptune. Neptune is the planet of illusion, glamour, mystery, and deception.
Written Symbol: Two fish tied to one another
Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Numbers: 2 and 6
Birthstone: Aquamarine, magnifies occult powers and brings serenity of mind.
Color: Pale green and turquoise

"Like natives of other water signs, you have the ability to see deeply into the human psyche. Subtle and intuitive, you are born with the gift of prophecy, and may even become involved in the occult, ESP, and spiritualism. Because you have a close relationship with astral forces, you feel things before you know them and your feelings are rarely wrong. If you get a hunch, others would be wise to pay attention."

"More than natives of any other sing, you are enormously influenced by your surroundings and by the  people who touch your life. Indeed, you have a unique ability to get under another person's skin, to take literally as your own another's problems, joys, and woes. You have tender sympathy for anyone or anything that hurts; sick plants, hungry animals, and friends in need - they all have a home with you."
- From The One Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woodfolk

Astrology Stitch Poster //

Download our Pisces prints: Black Poster // White Poster

Print on heavy card stock to prevent bending on creasing. Take your favorite color embroidery thread and back stitch along the dashed line between the stars (making sure to go under the stars with your thread). It's that simple!

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