Friday, March 13

Weekend Vibes + Thinking Spring

Hey, you guys. The weekend is here. And it's going to be a sunny 57 degrees in Chicago! Rest assured we'll see some crazies people walking around in shorts and sandals. We're just a wee bit desperate for some Spring time vibes here in the Midwest! What are your plans for the weekend? Hope that it's a happy and warm one!

Going to SXSW? Well we're jealous! Here are the acts you should checking be out.

Obviously I've been spending all my free time watching episode after episode of House of Cards, right? My husband, he's still on season one. But thanks to this guide guide for proper-ettiquete binge watching, our relationship just might be saved!

Could you possibly live (comfortable and happily) in 90 square feet?

What about living (and traveling) in a VW van? This family is living the wild and free nomad life.

Spring is in the air…er, rather underfoot. The reality of Spring in the city looks like this (and it's nasty.)

Speaking of which - the warmer weather has me purging our house like a madwoman.  This is my Spring cleaning bible.

Ryan Gosling is the answer to gender inequality. Go figure.

Locked down your suit for the Summer? You need this one. And probably this suit too. But mostly just this swimsuit! (And then you definitely need this beach towel.)

Is it a wig or isn't it? (Wiggate 2015?)

How did Chicago not make this roadtrip!? Algorithms clearly don't know what's up.

Ryan Gosling is the answer to gender inequality. Go figure.

*All photos via the Foxtail + Moss Instagram. Follow us here!

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