Friday, April 3

A Month of The Whole 30

We did it, you guys. We completed The Whole 30! For those who don't know, we decided to try the cleanse for the month of March - see our thoughts on why here. Well the results are in and we both loved it! Sure the first week was a bit of a struggle adjusting - slight headaches from sugar withdrawal, missing chocolate immensely (who knew we loved it so much!), and not really planning out our meals - but we got into the swing of things by the second week and it was smooth sailing from there on out. Did we both have a cheat day? Hell yes! But we stuck with the plan for the majority of the month and are thrilled with all the positive benefits.

What we loved about The Whole 30…

Our smoother skin. Cutting out all the sugar and cheese really improved our skin! We barely had any breakouts and our skin felt and looked refreshed all month.

A little bit of weight loss. We decided to do the Whole 30 program as a nutritional reset, not a diet. However, we both lost a couple pounds and of course we're not mad about that! Now we're feeling a little bit more swimsuit season ready.

We feel a lot less bloated. Let's just say our tummies are feeling much more a-ok. Our digestion systems feel better than ever and our jeans are a bit looser around the waist!

Home-cooked meals. We got in the habit of cooking at home and eating out less. Not only did we have a blast exploring new recipes but it was much easier on our wallets.

One of the main reason we did The Whole 30 was to give our bodies a reset and think more about our food choices. We kicked some nasty eating habits that we took on over the cold winter months. Instead of picking up processed food like greasy chips or double stuffed oreos - we're snaking on nuts, fruits, and veggies. We cut our portions down from plate-fulls to hand-fulls. Cutting back on cheese and cocktails was hard for sure, but we have such a healthier outlook on moderation now!

Going forward, we probably won't be as strict with the cleanse as we were during the month of March, but we definitely are going to stick with a lot of the general elements. All in all, we had a great experience with The Whole 30. Have you tried it? We' love to hear your thoughts!

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