Monday, April 13

BEFORE // Lauren's Bedroom Makeover

Hey guys! We're starting off this Monday with a little peek at my bedroom. I was super inspired by Claire's oh-so-lovely living room make over and decided that my boudoir was in needed of a bit of freshening up. It's the room where we spend the bulk of our time but somehow it was neglected when it came to designing and decorating the rest of our apartment. Most of the elements in the room are an after thought and I'm ready for the room to feel a bit more intentional and "grown up".

I love that our bedroom gets ton of natural sunlight but it's a pretty tiny space, only about 8 feet by 10 feet or so. There's barely enough room to fit our bed and dresser in there comfortably but I like to think of it as cozy. ;)  I've tried rearranging the room about a million different times but it's current layout seems to work best. I'm happy with the furniture we currently have, it's functional and pretty enough. So I'm looking to update the room by refreshing the paint, updating the bedding, organizing, decluttering, and rethinking the overall vibe of the room.

What do you think? Should I bring in more color? Ditch the vintage school map hanging above our bed? Play with textures in textiles? It was so fun to read your suggestions and tips for Claire's living room make over, so lay them on me! I can't wait to get started redecorating and share the final reveal with you later this month!


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  1. I have a small bedroom too and it can be such a hard challenge. I personally like all the white, but if you want a color I love blues or greys in bedroom. I find them really soothing and perfect for sleeping. Love the map, but I'd move it. I think things above your head when you're sleeping is supposed to be bad fung shui. All I know is I always fear of something falling off my wall onto my head when I'm asleep. I think I read Flat Stanley way too much as a child. :) Maybe DIY a headboard to bring focus. Definitely bring in more textures, maybe some cool woven art on wall to the right of the bed and a rug. Oh and if the budget allows, some wall lamps. Onefortythree has such awesome, simple designs.

    Can't wait to see the finished room! -Katie