Wednesday, April 29

The Foxglove Studio + For Real Meals

A few weeks ago, we had the extreme pleasure of attending a brunch hosted by Caitlin Kerr of The Foxglove Studio as part of the For Reals Meals series put on by Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant.  If you're not familiar with Jessica and her plan to spread the good word about a healthy and happy lifestyle through a plant-based diet you've got to check her out! She share's all the best recipes and is just a generally warm and funny lady. And if you're not following Caitlin on Instagram (we gushed all about her lovely feed here) then you're seriously missing out. Not only is she darling but she's like whoa talented and her loft studio space is awe inspiringly airy and beautiful.

So you're probably wondering just what exactly is For Reals Meals? Here's how Jessica describes it...."I choose a host that doesn't eat a plant-based diet. Then they choose a handful of guests that they want to get know better- whether that's someone they stalk on Instagram or some random person they met at a party. They cook an entirely plant-based meal for their guests. Fun ensues and new relationships are formed!" And you guys, it was such a dreamy time! We ate well, drank plenty, met some of the most beautiful and inspiring women, and spent the afternoon talking, laughing, and even tearing up a bit. You know, typical girly brunch stuff. You can read more about the gathering here.

The guest list was just one rad #girlboss after another. Check out these crazy amazing women: designer Jennifer Serafini of Serefini, Kristin of Gather Home + Lifestyle, and photographer Maura Stoffer. All photos were captured by the incredibly sweet Eva Deitch.


  1. Eek! I love how darn happy everyone looks! :)

  2. Looks like fun & what beautiful flower arrangements! Also need to look into that soup umm ASAP

  3. This looked like so much fun & what beautiful flower arrangements.

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries